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My prayer for you and your family is that the Lord Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit will be your peace and comfort.

We must understand as believers, children of God and heirs of salvation that everything in this world is temporary.  The bible says that we, in Christ, have passed from death into life.  This means that we have already died though we still live in the flesh; our true life is hid with God.  It may be hard to understand, but this is why our hope must be in Christ.

As believers, we have to learn to let go of this life and everything in it. We have to subordinate our will, hopes and desires to the Lord Jesus Christ and His Word.  When we hold on to the things of this world, we have much grief when we no longer have or possess those things.  Without realizing it, many people put those things before the Lord, which is idolatry.

A lot of people want to blame the Lord and say Lord, why did you allow this to happen or why did you take my child?  People who say these things are walking according to their flesh.

And we know to walk according to the flesh is carnal.  The carnal mind is at enmity with the things of God and the carnal mind does not understand the things of the spirit.

The rich young ruler had many treasures that he did not want to let go of.  Someone said to Jesus, first let me go and bury my relative.  Jesus said, let the dead bury their dead.  As followers of Jesus Christ, we have to put Jesus first.  He said that we must take up our cross daily and follow him.  We can’t follow him today and take tomorrow off.  As believers, we can’t put anything before God.

So that’s why it’s so hard for a lot of people when they have a lost.  They have put those things before God and when someone in their family dies a tragic death or suddenly, for no apparent reason, or they lose their home and everything they have in a fire or whatever it is that they possess which has now been taken away from them, they ask God why did you take it away from me?  So they blame God for taking away their family.

We have to learn not to love our life.  It is hard to put the Lord first in our life, if we love this life and the things in this world.  What we are saying and maybe we don’t realize it, but we are say we love these things more than we love the Lord.  We must live for Christ and not for ourselves.  When we live for ourselves, then we experience much grief because we are living according to the flesh.

Jesus asked Peter three times if he loved him because Peter had denied him three times, but also so that Peter could learn to put the Lord first.  That’s also why He said to Peter, do you love me more than all of these?  He wanted to know that Peter would put Him first and He wanted Peter to learn to put the Lord first.

We have to commit everything we have, own and possess to the Lord and even our life and our families, for it is His to do as He pleases.

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