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The Global Lie

Man, this Lie is so Big, it has become a GLOBAL Lie.

If you accept and agree that the World Is A ROUND GLOBE you are eating from the Tree Of Knowledge of Good and Evil.

And if you agree and accept that concept, you also have to agree with the Big Bang Theory. (THEORY?) Not Proof.

The Bible, the infallible Word of Truth clearly states and show that the earth does not move.

The whole purpose of the GLOBE Model is to disprove the LORD God and the Scriptures.

The bible says that He, the Devil, Satan, would deceived the Whole World.  And he has done just that.

Anyone that says the Earth is not a Globe is looked at as crazy.

The Globe Model has been so ingrained into the very fabric of our being from our youth, that anything contrary to that belief seems insane.

I ask you, take a minute to go outside, and look up at the sky.  And just pause for a minute.

See if you can feel the earth spinning.  Forget about what all the So-Called Science says.

If you are on a big cruise ship.  You can feel the motion of the that big ship on the ocean.  If you are in an air plane, you can feel the motion of the plane in the air.

The LORD God, designed us to know and feel these movements in motions.  If you were in an earth quake, you would feel the earth moving.

So someone has lied to you, all these years with So-Called Science, to tell you it’s because of gravity, that is why you don’t feel the earth moving.

That is straight up BS.  It’s like someone telling you that the sky is Green.  You know the sky is not Green.  But if So-Called Science say the sky is Green and it’s because of our brain and the octive nerves in our eyes we see it as Blue.

That’s how So-Called Science make things up.  And we just accept it as fact.

So if you are outside, and you are looking up at the sky, tell me, do you feel the earth moving?  Do you feel the earth spinning?

I’m sure you don’t feel the earth spinning or moving, unless you have drank too much alcohol or have taken some kind of drugs.

Who are you going to believe, what So-Called Science tell you or your own body?



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