The Untold Hebrew History of Why Black People Speak Ebonics – Truth Over Tradition: Re-Educating The Black Church Since 2012

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Although the Caucasians did not speak the igbo (hebrew) language, they knew full well that the eboes they were enslaving were the Hebrews of the bible, because the African and Arab slave traders they purchased them from, told them that they were buying “the people of the book”. And since the majority of the Caucasian slave traders were Jewish — white Europeans posing as Jews — their immediate goal became to remove the memory of their true identity from their minds so they would never discover that they were the true jews. Therefore, when the eboes (Hebrews) were shipped to the Carribeans and the America’s as slaves, their slavemasters stripped them of their names, gave them their last names, branded them with hot iron with the initials of their master, shaved their (mostly men) heads bald, and made it illegal for them to learn to read.


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