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Let’s talk about life.  Do you ever just stop everything you’re doing and think about life; your life?  I’m sure you do; we all do.  We think about everything that’s going on in our life.  We think about the good and the bad.  We think about all the problems we’re facing.  We worry about what we are going to do.  Sometimes it seems that life can get the best of us and make us just want to give up.

I think when the pressures of life get to much for us to bear, that is when we start soul searching for answers.  Some look to bottle, to drink their troubles away but when you become sober again, the problems and the pressures of life are still there; they didn’t go anywhere.  We try all kinds of coping mechanism to deal with the pressures of life.

When life is going well, most of the time we tend to forget about our problems or forget that we had any problems.  But I think the problem is, we don’t really understand life and that is why we have so many issues with life.  Society and the world and our environment and our community and our friends and family help shape what we think life is.  But if they don’t really understand life themselves, what can they tell anyone else?

To really understand life, you have to understand the source of life it self and the source of life is God Almighty.  Just think about it for a minute.  How is it, that you are alive and breathing… and therein lies the answer?  You’re breathing.  How are you able to breath?  Who gave you the breath of life?  The breath of life comes from our heavenly Father.  God breath the breath of life into man and man became a living soul.  Now if you don’t believe that, then you can probably just stop reading this right now.  If you don’t believe in Jesus of Nazareth, the son of God and that He died and rose again on the third day, you have sealed your fate.  All life comes from God.

So, that’s how we got here.  God is the source of life.  So now what?  Well just knowing, that your life originated from the heavenly Father should give you hope for a better day.  Why, because now we can understand life.  Just think, you wake up everyday.  God puts that breath of life in your body and you are revived.  But one day that breath of life is going to depart from you.  Then what?

Well this is the part that you really must understand about life.  We think that this life is all about us, because this is what we’ve been made to think since we were a baby and all the way through our entire life.  Everything we’ve done, everything we do and everything we are doing, we think that life revolves around us.  Well I’m sorry to drop the bomb on you but life does not revolves around you and that’s the whole problem.  Life is not about you and it’s not about me and it has never been about us.  I know that this may come as a shock and a surprise to you.  But once you understand that life is not about you or me, the sooner you will understand what life is really about.  Life is about our creator and our creator is the LORD GOD Almighty in the name of Jesus Christ the Son of God.  

I know that you think that this life is it; it’s everything that we are, so you try to make the most of it.  You try to achieve as much happiness, and joy, and wealth, and success, and stuff as you can.  Why?  Because we think that this life is all we have, so we have to enjoy it to the fullest, right?  Well, one day this life as we know it, will come to an end and then we will depart this world and go into eternity.  So we must not take this life for granted.  One thing I have learned in this life is that, we must always be grateful and thankful for everything and everyday.  To me, that’s the secret to enjoying life.  It is the Lord God Almighty our creator who has given us life and He is greater and bigger than any problem, situation, issue, circumstance, or pressure or trouble you may be experiencing in your life.  When you learn to magnify the Lord and praise Him for who He is and exalt His name, He will become greater in your life than all the things that you are worried about, and soon, all your troubles will become smaller.  Why worry anyway?  Worrying won’t change a thing and worrying can’t fix anything.  So if worrying can’t fix anything, why do it?  The Lord is watching over you and as long as you have the breath of life in your body, use it to call upon His name while you are still here.

I had a dream a few nights ago, and in the dream, I was about to be attacked by two guys.  I immediately called on the name of Jesus and awoke from the dream.  I literally woke up saying “In Jesus Name,” that is how powerful the name of Jesus is.  He has said, I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live:  John 11:25

It is written, for in Him we live and move and have our being.  Because God is, we are.  There is no life without God.  God is the giver of life.  Your life belongs to God and until you really understand that, you will never have any peace with this life.  God, the Lord Jesus, our savior is our peace.  He is our Life.

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