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When something is realistic it doesn’t require very much faith. For instance, if you know how to drive a vehicle and you are healthy enough to drive and you do not have any conditions that would prevent you from driving and as long as you have good eye sight, driving a vehicle would be very realistic to do and would require very little faith. For as long as you can see where you are going it would not require very much faith at all. However, on the other hand, if you are blind and can’t see and you attempt to drive a vehicle, you will need to have unrealistic faith.

Unrealistic faith is believing in the impossible. For instance, it is unrealistic for anyone to walk on water. According to the laws of physics it’s impossible for a person to walk on water but someone with unrealistic faith has done it. According to the bible, the person that walked on water is Jesus Christ. His disciple, Peter who was a fisherman, also walked on water for a short period of time until he realized what he was doing and saw the big waves and became afraid and began to sink. But the bible, says that Jesus lifted him up by the hand and they both made it to the boat safely.

I believe we all have faith, which is good but sometimes when we are facing impossible odds, circumstances, situations or conditions, we need to have unrealistic faith. For instance if the doctor tells you that you have a terminal illness and you only have a short time to live that may cause you great distress and anxiety. You may feel helpless and not know what to do. You may began to worry and be afraid. All of those feelings are understandable. Well it’s the doctor’s job to diagnose medical conditions and give you the results of their findings. But being afraid and worrying will do you know no good. You could either accept what the doctor has said and prepare for your eternal journey and/or you could decide to have unrealistic faith and decide to live on in spite of the doctor’s diagnosis.

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