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Greetings Brothers and Sisters, Life is Good, No Worries!

I’ve been blogging again and here is one of my latest blogs.

There are two types of people in the world – Givers and Takers

Givers give of themselves and Takers take advantage of givers.

There are three types of relationships – Give Give  –  Give Take  –  Take Take

Give Give is the best kind of relationship – It’s Heaven on Earth

Give Take relationships are filled with drama – It’s Pushing and Shoving

Take Take is the worst kind of relationship – It’s Dog-Eat-Dog

Everyone fits into one of the two categories, although, takers want to compromise and say that they fit into both.  I base this fact on the scripture that you will know a tree by it’s fruit.  A good tree cannot produce bad fruit neither can a corrupt tree produce good fruit.  Takers have to look themselves in the mirror and be honest with themselves to admit that they are takers.  They usually want to say that they are both, since they do not want to consider themselves as being takers.

Well, that’s the gist of the Blog.  So, “Are You A Giver or Are You A Taker.”

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